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Hina Takanashi (小鳥遊 ひな Takanashi Hina?) is the youngest of the three half-sisters who is 3-years-old and attends daycare. She is the biological daughter of Yuri and thus the only one of the three girls who is directly related to Yuuta.


Hina is very friendly girl who is afraid of strangers and she sometimes mispronounces words, often leaving out certain consonants. She normally addresses Yuuta as Oji-san but has trouble with the "j" and "s" sounds so it comes out as Oi-tan (little uncle). She is a fan of the heroine anime, Luna Seven. Whenever Hina mentions her parents' names, Yuuta and the elder sisters did their best to keep her cheerful till she emotionally accepts they're on a trip . In the OVA, she begun her second-grade in elementary school and speaks clearly.Good gob to her


You see her with 2 different dolls, what kind of animal does she play with in the earlier episodes leading up to the scribbling drawing of it on Yuuta's wall?