Sora Takanashi(Teen)
Sora Takanashi
Voiced By:
First Appearaance: Episode #1
Age: 14
18 , July 27th

159 cm

Weight: 45kg

Sora Takanashi(小鳥遊 空 Takanashi Sora) is eldest of the three sisters. She is 14 years old, second-year student in middle school, and has a tsundere personality. She normally refers to Yuuta Segawa as "older brother (Onii-chan)" and holds a longtime crush on him, and gets easily jealous when he is with Raika.

  1. Teen Sora
  2. Adult Sora

Teen Sora (Spoiler Alert) Edit

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Adult life (Spoiler Alert) Edit

In OVA 2, four years have passed from the date that Yuuta took the three sisters in and Sora has become an eighteen year old high schooler

With regards to her appearance, she seems to have grown taller, has longer hair and in Yuri-San's words's, "She's wearing C-Cups now."

Sora also becomes more mature, acquiring the nature of a caring mother. Her cooking skills have improved greatly as the rest of the family enjoy and praise the meals that she prepares. However, that sort-of awkward behavior is still seen, whenever Miu hints any kind of intimate relationships with Yuuta. Also, it is apparent that she has continued to pursue singing at the school club and was eventually made the president of the school singing club. In OVA 2, she is seen monitoring the new president of the club, indicating she has handed the reigns over to a junior, as she was about to leave high school.

She also seems to be a popular figure among the students, as a male classmate of hers, confesses his love to her, only to be turned down by Sora, saying she is already in love with someone else. What she didn't mention was that the person was her "Onii-chan", Yuuta Segawa.

At the nearly end of the OVA we find out that Sora is going to marry her "brother" Yuuta, and we see her wearing the wedding dress that her stepmother, Yuri Takanashi, wore at one time for cosplaying, and Yuuta wearing formal attire as well. The reason for this was, both of them wanted to seek the blessings and give thanks to the people who brought them up in their childhood. Apparently, they felt the spirits of Shingo and Yuri in their surroundings.